Travel Photography Tips for New Guys

“The only things I own which are still worth what they have cost me are my travel memories…the mind-pictures of places which I have been hoarding like a happy miser”- Burton Homes.



Who doesn’t want to capture the memories of each and every particular moment while traveling outside? Yes, you’re right. I’m talking about the travel photography. The dslr camera has now become an essential gadget nowadays while traveling. A question may arise that people brain can store all the memories, then why camera? The best and the last answer for them is that you can’t save all the ideal scenarios at your brain always. You can feel it. But for rewinding you best traveling experience, you must need a dslr camera.

It can be a mobile camera or SLR camera or DSLR camera. But recently as the DSLR camera is reachable to every man’s hand so it is widely used and the most efficient gadget for taking a photograph. But if you are going to get a new dslr camera then you need to pick the best digital camera in the market. As a beginner or even professional you should know more something more about travel photography.

We will discuss the ISO, shutter speed, exposure, aperture and many other else while traveling to capture your moments more perfectly. Now let’s take a short look at the tips and techniques for the travel photography.

Preparing Your Backpack

It is evident that you should prepare your bag with essential tools or gadgets as you are traveling outside. With other else let’s talk about the DSLR camera that you’re taking for photo capturing purposes. What other else should you need and what you don’t. First of all, along with the main dslr camera body, you must take two lenses.

One is zoom lens 18-55mm and another one is a prime lens. You can take another lens too if you wish or if it’s necessary. Don’t forget to take the lens cover. Because lens may fade you, you don’t use cover. Never take a tripod with you because it hampers you from moving freely. It can be a burden to you. For extra safety, you can take Plastic cover to keep your dslr camera protected from water.

Essential Tips

  • Select Your Desired Objects

First of all, you’ve to select your desired objects you want to capture. If you’re willing to capture the image monument or traditional building, you must have to focus it apparently keeping the manual exposure of your digital slr camera at 5.0-8.0, and the shutter speed should also be set automatically. Besides, your desired objects can be seashore, hills, traditional places, people also.

Whatever you see while traveling you can capture it. But it is must select your desired objects because if you choose many objects at a time then the digital camera cannot focus all the things at the same time. So first select the objects for shooting you want to capture.

  • Be concerned About the Light

It is a paramount point for travel photography. Sufficient light can make your photo livelier to the viewers. As sunlight is the only natural option here , so you should have some knowledge. You should place your dslr opposite to the sunlight. It will look more natural than taking a photo in the same direction of the sun.

You should also be careful about the luminosity of the sun. At other luminosity by keeping the ISO very low, the picture look more lively, natural.The standard ISO for is 80/100. If you shoot the photo more than that of the ISO, your picture may look artificial. There will be a problem such as, the picture white balance problem. So you have to be very concerned about the light.

  • Zoom In and Out Tips

Now take a short look on zoom in and out option. Some pictures look great if you zoom in the picture and some look odd while zooming. That time zoom out may solve the problem.When should you zoom in or zoom out? As said above first select your desired photos you’re willing to capture.Then keep your eye on the dslr camera, if you see some unwanted people, scenario or other else are coming then just zoom in, focus the object adjusting all others then shoot.

It would be a great shoot and a great moment capture for you. Now when to zoom out? Suppose, you’ve gone to a beach and you want to capture the beautiful scenario of the full beach. While keeping your eye on the dslr camera, you see some portions of the beach didn’t come. Then just zoom out to take the entire scenario. There are many zoom lenses available in the market. You can choose an 18-200mm lens in the standard for taking zoom photos.


  • Close Shooting

It is also called macro shooting. Close shot can take your travel photography to a whole new level. If you are traveling fabulous places or tribal people or any other people that look different and attractive to you and can take a close shot of their faces. Because each and every face has different expressions.

That time close shooting is crucial. For this kind of shooting you can choose a prime lens. For this kind of photography, you should keep the aperture as low a possible. As you don’t need the background, so by being blur will doesn’t hamper your photo to beauty. Hence it will add more spice and ornaments to your photos.

  • Use Your Sense

Photo sense! A vital word for travel photography. You should have that third eye to take photos. Wherever you think that there is nothing beautiful here to capture but other can capture millions of beautiful photos from there. It depends on your photo sense. Our tips for you is that, as you are traveling and capturing photos, so you can only take some memorable photos of the places where you are traveling , take some pictures of the peoples living there, if there you find something exceptional you can also capture that, capture the scenario, monument if any. Moreover, taking a photo is all about your photo sense.

  • Uses of Flash

Some DSLR cameras offer built-in flash and some not. If you wish to take picture at night, a flash is of great use. But at day time flash may be enough to ruin your photo from being natural. If you are shooting a photo at night, then an artificial light from the dslr camera goes and target the location of your shooting then capture the whole image.

This is just an start to digital photography tips.  There are lot of things to learn about digital photo and dslr camera. Choosing a great dslr camera is the key to take good image as well. So be careful when you care going to buy camera. keep in touch!